Toxic Waste's Commodore C65 Information Page
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This website is about the CBM C65 prototype, also known as the C64DX.
Development started in 1990 and was stopped short time before the thing was finished in 1991. Some of the development systems appeared in 1994 after Commodores death and were sold by Grapevine Group. Software and documentation for this computer are quite rare, so i decided to create this website to share my experiences concerning the C65 with other (potential) owners and interested people.

This page contains quite a few pictures of/from the C65, where normal photos of the machine itself are in the photo section, photos taken from its screen are in the screenshot section and real C65 bitmap graphics are in the new gallery section.

If you have any questions about the C65 or, even better, if you own one for yourself, please drop me a mail!

Ah, almost forgot this: Please also visit my other website wich is about my C64 activities.